Our Team

Sarah Gray

Customer Success Lead

Starting out in a career of Nursing, helping others will always be a passion of mine. I transitioned into business so that I could be a part of creating solutions to bigger world problems that felt out of my hands as a direct caregiver. I love having the flexibility to be creative in how we work to solve these issues. Whether it's work or hobbies, I strive to push my limits- if I'm comfortable, I'm not growing!

Shadaab Saiyed

Talent Solutions Specialist

Whether it’s SpikeBall or Sales, Shaad is a team player eager to solve problems and brainstorm with peers. With in-depth background in tech, he loves to help clients solve problems and achieve strategic goals. Really passionate about sports - always happy to rally and talk, over the table!

Angeline Palthasar

Candidate Success Specialist

Angeline loves interacting with students to know and help with their career aspects. She is keen to learn about different hiring and recruitment practices. With a diverse background in IT Project Management and Human Resources, Angeline found a real passion for talent management + hiring and recruitment. Her favourite quote is "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" by Walt Disney.

Aditya Murali

Web Developer

Adi specializes in bringing ideas to life. He designs, develops and sometimes rescues applications. Powered by VS Code and coffee, he loves working on both the front-end and back-end spectrum.

Jack Litchfield


Jack’s passion has always been about building positive impact at scale, from student leadership and advocacy, to changing the way students navigate education and career pathways. At JobJunxion, Jack leads our sales and strategic relations. Jack enjoys getting out of the city for skiing, cottaging, camping and sailing.

Justin Litchfield


“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.”

When life gives out problems, build a team and solve them. Strongly believes challenge is essential to growth. Exclusively founding and running start-ups since 2013. Couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing group of people pushing JobJunxion to reach it’s potential. Go Team JJX!

About Us

JobJunxion is composed of a strong team that shares similar values in creating a community to solve problems and aren’t afraid to ask “why”. Through the development of the platform we have attracted like-minded individuals, allowing us to organically multiply our original team of two.

We connect students and employers in relationships today that lead to jobs when they graduate, be it one, two or even three years from now. In these important intervening years, they can strengthen these relationships with summer employment, internships, on-the-job training, corporate acculturation and even counselling on course selection. The end game for everyone is the right grad in the right job!